How to make website monitor system using Swarmsense ?

Introduction This is a step by step guide to help the Swarmsense users to set up their own website monitoring system using Swarmsense. Before starting, let us understand the website monitoring. Websites are served by web-servers and are pointed by an IP-address and usually by a domain-name such as in these websites - “” or […]

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How to add custom widgets in dashboards of Swarmsense ?

Introduction This is a step by step guide to make custom widgets in the swarmsense platform. First, let’s understand some key terms, we will use all the time. What is a dashboard ? It is a place where information ( various fields’ values ) from many sources,  ( which are usually various sensors or just […]

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SwarmSense with Mongoose OS

What is Mongoose OS? Mongoose OS is an Operating System for connected devices which makes the IoT development very easy. It supports ESP32, ESP8266, CC3220, CC3200 microcontrollers. It has built-in support for Generic MQTT/Restful connectivity protocols so you don’t have to be worried about connection management. It supports C/C++ and mJS JavaScript for prototyping and […]

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Exploring Wireless Sensor Network and its Applications

Introduction Wireless Sensors are nothing but hardware devices capable of measuring different physical quantities and pushing all the data collected to an internet-based central location. The sensors can be configured for different objectives like collecting real-time data of temperature and humidity in a room or a closed container, or to measure the value of current […]

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Performing Realtime Face Detection & Analysis on Surveillance Videos

Intro With face recognition technology becoming increasingly accessible, thanks to great strides made recently in machine learning and AI, the time is ripe to start developing solutions around this to quickly capitalise on this emerging market.  Face analytics has become inevitable in many applications - from Social media to Security systems.  Many estimates indicate a […]

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