Services @ BaseApp Systems

At Baseapp we are capable of offering our clients full spectrum turn key Product Design and Development. We do full life cycle support when a we take on a project. We handle design , development , deployment and maintenance for you, so you can concentrate on the business part. Think of us as taking role of the Technical Partner.

We usually take on Product Development only. So if you wish to bring your Idea to Market get in touch.

Web Applications

Experienced with most popular stacks used for Web Application Development. We have developed and run profitable SaaS products so are experienced with the full life cycle. Your Idea will be done by people who have delivered profitable products.

Embedded Systems

Having hands on experience with a broad range of embedded technologies, We are sure we will offer the most cost efficient design to your needs. So weather it is a small low power datalogger or a High throughput FPGA based device we can get it done for you.

Mixed Domain

Sometimes products need to be more than simply software or a hardware, For us it is a mixed domain Project when a Product spans multiple technology stacks, Languages and Operating systems. Due to our multi-talented team we shine at doing such products.

Want something done ? Get in touch !


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