A Comprehensive Guide to Facial Recognition Algorithms - Part 1

  Facial recognition technology is on the rise and has already made its way into every aspect of our lives.  From smartphones, to retail, to offices, to parks... it is everywhere.  If you are just getting started with computer vision, then face recognition is a must do project for you.  Here in this guide, I […]

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AWS IoT with NodeSense Sensors

AWS IoT AWS IoT provides secure, bi-directional communication between Internet-connected devices such as sensors, actuators, embedded micro-controllers, or smart appliances and the AWS Cloud. This enables you to collect telemetry data from multiple devices, and store and analyze the data. You can also create applications that enable your users to control these devices from their […]

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Protocols For IoT

Internet of Things [IoT] and the associated protocols are one of the most hyped and funded technology. With the development of IoT, numerous intelligent and tiny 'things' are deployed worldwide. It covers a variety of applications and fields. As a result, it requires a wide variety of development and protocol stacks. This makes it easy to […]

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Top 10 Ways Facial Recognition Software Is Transforming Our Lives

If your face was ever captured on a camera and stored somewhere on the web, Facial Recognition Software can find it, analyze it, and use it to hunt you down! The number of industries and organizations actively using face recognition technology is growing rapidly.  Some people are probably aware of this intrusion, but many people […]

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Batteries for IoT devices

Introduction We already know what a battery is. We come across it almost every day and it has become an integral part of our lives. For example, the smartphone that you use. It runs on a compact form of lithium-ion battery. But just having a battery is not enough. We require a good battery which […]

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