SwarmSense – Internet of Things Platform

Swarmsense helps you build systems to manage Internet Connected Devices in your own Whitelabel Setup. It is a modular system which allows device connectivity using industry standard protocols allowing you to Collect , Analyze and React to data. It is by default multi-tenant and provides full REST api allowing you to build a platform around it.

Sawmsense aim for low ownership cost, scalability and performance so its easy to get started and scale if required. It is ready to run requiring minimal installation and setup time.


Manage Clients and Devices

Swarmsense is a Multi-tenant Platform allowing you to easily customize and resell. Manage Companies , Users and Devices all from a Centralized Web Console and also allow your clients to mange and oversee devices supplied by you. 

Collect And Visualize Device Data

SwarmSense uses a Times Series Database and PostgreSQL to store data in a scale-able and optimal way. With the associated gui you can easily manage all your data.

Alerting and Triggers

Support for Device and Network level alerts which can be customized as per requirement is also availbile. You may use Email or Webhooks to receive notifications and even integrate with third party API easily.

Self Hosted or Managed

There is no per Device or Per Message pricing associated with SwarmSense , with conventional SaaS Device/Message pricing costs escalate quickly as your network grows.