Bitmap challenge

Thank you for applying to Baseapp Systems for internship, For Development roles we ask our applicants to solve programming challenge which are on the line of work they might be involved with.

Hiring Process involves the following –

1. Programming Problem
2. General Telephonic Interview
3. Face to Face interview

Internship is 6 months with a stipend of 15 K / month stipend. After which if selected there is a job offer of 3 – 5 Lakh .

Programming Challenge –

Given a 24 bit bitmap file , we want you to write a piece of code to clip a region from it. You can use any language of your choice . You may not use any libraries and all should be done by your code.

Final command should be something like

$extract test_image.bmp out.bmp 40 40 80 80 

40 40 are origins in x and y and 80 80 are height and width ( all in pixel )

The new out.bmp will only have the new clipped region.

Sample Bitmap file

Solution may be mailed to hr[at]baseapp[dot]com with Subject “Solution to Bitmap programming challenge ” , with zip file and instructions on how to run it.

FaQ –

Q1. Can we use libraries like OpenCV , imagemagick etc ?
Ans : No , Everything to be done in your code.

Q2. When do i submit this , what is the timeline ?
Ans : As soon as possible, We have limited seats and are first come first serve .

Q3. Why this problem ?
Ans : It makes sure the developer can program and can search for solutions given a problem.

Q4. Any Coding Conventions to follow ?
Ans : Write code which you are proud of.