Bitmap challenge

Thank you for considering Baseapp Systems for a Engineering Position, For Development roles we ask our applicants to solve programming challenge which are on the line of work they might be involved with.

Hiring Process involves the following –

1. Take home Programming Challange
2. General Telephonic Interview
3. Face to Face interview

Programming Challenge ( Embedded / Systems / Ai Engineers ) –

Given a 24 bit bitmap file, we want you to write a piece of code to clip a region from it. You can use any language of your choice . You may not use any libraries and all should be done by your code.

Final command should be something like

$extract test_image.bmp out.bmp 40 40 80 80 

40 40 are origins in x and y and 80 80 are height and width ( all in pixel )

The new out.bmp will only have the new clipped region.

Sample Bitmap file

Solution may be mailed to hr[at]baseapp[dot]com with Subject “Solution to Bitmap programming challenge ” , with zip file and instructions on how to run it.

FaQ –

Q1. Can we use libraries like OpenCV , imagemagick etc ?
Ans : No , Everything to be done in your code.

Q2. When do i submit this , what is the timeline ?
Ans : As soon as possible, We have limited seats and are first come first serve . This should take 2 – 3 hours on average to solve.

Q3. Why this problem ?
Ans : It makes sure the developer can program and can search for solutions given a problem. We test for Bit Operations , Data structures and File handling knowledge.

Q4. I do not know any Image Processing ?
Ans: This does not test you on image processing , its more of Dtastructures , file handling and if you can read Specifications and use it to do some data processing ?

Q5. Any Coding Conventions to follow ?
Ans : Write code which you are proud of.

Q6. Why should i attempt it ?
And : Successful solution Guarantees a Interview with a high probability of selection.