SwarmSense Use Cases

IoT Platform

SwarmSense is a complete solution for your IoT devices. It includes device management, configuration, data visualisation and notifications. These features makes it perfect for your next IoT project.

Manufacturing & Industrial Monitoring

Manage and monitor your industrial sensors in real time. Visualise machine status in real time and take proper decisions to reduce maintainers cost and resources uses.

Asset Tracking and Fleet Management

Fleet management is growing market in now a days. Monitor and visualise fleet or vehicle positions in real time. Use collected data to reduce paperwork, increase productivity and efficiency.

Home Automation

Create a complete solution for you smart home with SwarmSense.

Server Monitoring

Server metrics are also a time-series data so it is very easy to monitor your server stats with SwarmSense. You can monitor your server’s cup uses, memory, network uses, disk uses etc.

Checkout the tutorial for server monitoring with SwarmSense.