Why Swarmsense

  • IoT protocols
  • Per-device authentication
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Visualize real-time device data

IoT protocols


Publish and consume data using any of our protocols. Swarmsense comes with wide range of industry standard protocols such as HTTP/S 1.1, MQTT v3.0/v3.1 and MQTT over web sockets. With help of these protocols you can collect and visualise real-time sensor data.



There is no limit on number of devices connected. It handle thousands of events per second based on your server. It’s really easy to scale with your hardware.

Visualize & Monitor device data


Visualise and monitor real-time device data by using dashboards. Customize your IoT dashboards by adding and removing widgets. With help of charts keep track of your device data and be aware whats happening. Compare two or more devices to make decisions.

Device management


Device management capabilities are provided by browser based user interface and REST API. With UI you can create devices, manage device, group with virtual networks, manage alerts, visualise device data, manage user access and so on. Per-device authentication with it’s own security key.It makes it easy to share the device with others. Group your devices with virtual networks.

Real-time Alerts and Actions


Automatic alert or actions processing as your device receives the data. Integrate third party web-hooks to trigger with alerts. Send notifications through email or sms. Keep history of alerts triggered.

Self hosted and easy setup


No hidden costs of cost per message. It will be hosted on your own server. Swarmsense comes with a installer script which will take-care of service installation and server configuration.