DeepSight is an Image Recognition SDK powered by Deep Learning.

Its supported on both Windows and Linux platforms.

State of the Art

Deep Learning is state of the art in AI research and has produced excellent results in the field of Computer Vision.  DeepSight leverages this technology to give you powerful image processing capabilities through a simplified interface.


With its simplified RESTful API, building powerful solutions is fast, easy and intuitive.

100% Offline

DeepSight runs completely offline as a http service on localhost:5000.  All inference using CNNs is performed on the machine itself.  This allows you to build solutions that can be deployed on remote machines running independently 24×7.

Modular Design

DeepSight was made modular.  Each CNN is a separate entity that is plugged into the main application.  This allows us to provide updated modules with improved accuracy over time without disturbing your existing solution.  It also enables DeepSight to be extended to fit your evolving business requirements.

Unlimited API Calls

Since DeepSight runs locally, there is no restriction in the number of API calls that can be made.  The only factor that affects the speed is your machine.

CUDA Accelerated

DeepSight can use a CUDA enabled GPU to significantly boost performance by up to 10x !

One Click Installation

We provide DeepSight in an extremely easy to install Setup.exe/ package.  No technical expertise is required to install and maintain it.


The non-CUDA Accelerated version of DeepSight is completely free!  You are free to build and deploy commercial applications with it.  If you believe  a 10x speed-up will help your business, you may upgrade to the paid version anytime!

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