About the Project

Wifi based Analytics helps Brick and Mortar gain the same level of customer understanding as they do in their digital store. Analytics explain how customers behave, what they experience, and where their pain points lie. Businesses see opportunities to learn, refine, and optimise.

It lets you measure all kinds of vital metrics, from passing trade to in store conversion rates. This data provides an essential base line for all other business decisions: store placement, marketing ROI, displays, layout and more.

Continued measurement presents unprecedented opportunities, such as fix and effect based measurement, plus A/B split test marketing across multiple stores. Additionally, testing takes less time than traditional, consultancy-based refinement and measurement.

With Low cost OpenWRT based hardware the system can be setup quick with minimal investment and provides much needed insight at an affordable cost.

Technology Stack

  • OpenWRT based nodes
  • Wifi/3G/Ethernet for reporting
  • LAMP Based Cloud¬†Server
  • Web based reporting and Fronted
  • OTA support
  • Mesh support with OpenMesh