Stompz – Virtual Reality Accessory

Stompz is a wireless gaming controller developed specifically for Virtual Reality based gaming. It uses a 9 axis IMU to accurately track foot motion to simulate running , jumping , walking etc in the virtual world.

It simulates the USB keyboard to allow its usage across platforms without need of any special drivers. It comes with a built in rechargable battery and a proprietary 2.4Ghz based wireless protocol for allowing multiple players in a constrained space.

Features :

  • High Performance and Accurate 9 Axis Motion Tracking
  • USB based Charging and Firmware updates
  • Desktop Application to allow full customization of sensitivity and behavior.
  • 2.4Ghz Based wireless networking with FCC Certification
  • I2C Based extensions for user level hardware

Hardware and Software Details :

  • PIc32Mx ( 32 Bit Mips controller )
  • MRF24J40 ( 2.4Hgz Transceiver )
  • MPU9150 ( 9 axis IMU with SMP )
  • C# Based desktop controller
  • C Based code for controller

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